About us

Advertisingonsms.com is a window that provides access to the 500Mn+ mobile phone owners in India . Mobile based advertising is the fastest growing format of communication due to its key features of speed, focused reach and interactive nature.

Today around 80% of the world's population has an access to a mobile network and there are three times higher number of mobile phones than computers at a global level which indicates the scale at which mobile phones have been accepted by the users. This omnipresent medium offers an excellent opportunity for the brands as well as SMEs to provide a customer connect.

Advertisingonsms.com provides mobile based marketing solutions like advertising, customer relationship management and lead generation solutions which are specially targeted for the SME segment and the brand owners.

The key benefits of SMS based advertising through advertisingonsms.com are,

  1. Opportunity for one-to-one communication
  2. Allows immediate response to advertising
  3. Very high ROI
  4. Extremely quick in terms of campaign execution
  5. Online real-time reporting
  6. Targeted advertising

The scale of SMS based advertising can be compared only with TV and Radio media in terms of reach but these media options do not offer targeted reach. This puts mobile based advertising in a special position which is un-matched.

Mobile phone is the only platform where a consumer can interact across all stages of a typical product buying cycle.

Typical Buying Cycle



Advertisingonsms.com provides the following solutions to it's SME client base,

  1. Promotional Alert service
  2. Lead generation service
  3. Enterprise solutions

Promotional Alert Service

Promotional Alert service is a very cost effective, targeted and a result oriented way of communicating with your esteemed customers for disbursing new information or for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In this case a short message can be sent on the database created by the advertiser. The promotional message could be of following categories

  1. Alerts on special days – eg. “First day of SALE at Ajanta , please visit and avail huge benefits”
  2. Pure branding – eg. “Buy VOX 7-in-1 at an amazing price, to know more SMS VOX to 57272 or call 9999123456”

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the mechanism of getting immediate response to advertising in any format (Print, Radio, TV, Outdoor etc). This is achieved by very intelligently printing a catchy KEYWORD in the advertising along with a SHORT CODE. Any reader or viewer or listener can respond to the advertising to show interest by sending an SMS.

Example: In case TATA wants to increase the test drive foot falls it can print TATA as a key word with 57272 as a short-code in their advertisement and anyone who sends TATA as SMS to 57272 will get a response “Thanks for showing interest in TATA Motors, our Customer Care will call you shortly for booking a test drive for you”

Enterprise solutions

It's an extremely specialized service where we device be-spoke solutions for clients or enterprises based on their specific requirements.


  1. Banks can provide an immediate alert to its customers in case of a deposit or a withdrawal
  2. Courier company can offer parcel tracking service to its customers \
  3. Gas agency can book cylinder delivery request
  4. School can offer special weekly test alerts to parents

Advertisers who could benefit from the solutions provided by advertisingonsms.com are,

  1. Airlines
  2. Banks
  3. Builders
  4. Cinema Publicity
  5. Clubs & Recreation centres
  6. Corporate companies
  7. Courier companies
  8. Educational Institutions
  9. Event management companies
  10. FMCG brand owners
  11. Government Agencies
  12. Hospitals
  13. Media houses
  14. Property agents/Brokers
  15. Political Parties
  16. Radio Stations
  17. Railways
  18. Retailers/ Departmental stores/ Supermarkets
  19. Stock Brokers
  20. Tuition centres
  21. Travel Agencies
  22. TV Channels
  23. Weather Dept